Movie by Pete Fagerlin: Appoarch Angle

   Sunset Strip?-O.K, Metropolitan Opera?-Yes, Cannes Promenade?-Yes.
Amazon Rainforest- no problem, Sahara?- I will manage.
M-class gives you range of prospects.
O.K, you can use it on highways and in city, but if you would like to
have an adventure- M-Class is a very good companion. 

Electronic systems like ESP or 4-ETS are designed to help you 
in any conditions.

Deepth of wading=50 centimeters convince that M-Class is 
a real off-road.

M-Class has also a load capacity from 650 kg (ML 430) 
to 865 kg (ML 230). So, you haven't to argue with your 
wife before journey ;). 

You like fishing?, hunting?, caravaning?. M-class can haul 
a caravan (or motorboat) to 2650 kg.

M-class can give you some cabrio-feelings with its optional 
huge sunroof, which makes it really nice "Safari-vechicle".
M-class off-road preformance and the sunroof secure real 
contact with nature.  

You like adventures? You are searching for a car?
Choice is simple: M-CLASS.

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