Mecedes is a firm which cares about passive and active safety.
Active safety is secured by electronic systems like ABS and EPS.
(look at Technical innovations). 
Passive safety is secured by airbags and sidebags. 
M-class has two airbags- for driver and for passenger 
and four sidebags (front and rear). It has also many reinforcements.
Look at pictures from crash tests that have been done by 
Mercedes engineers just for driver's and passengers' safety.
It sounds like advertising, but it's true: they really care 
about their customer.        

Thank to their work Mercedes M-class is really safe car.
MSNBC gave it the highest rating in their crash test-good.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it marks:
safety cage: good
head/neck: acceptable
Left leg and foot: good
Right leg and foot: good
chest: good
Restraints/dummy kinematics: good
Overall: good.
"Good" is the highest rating.
Testers praised M-class for dual locking shoulder belts,
good work of belt tensioners with devices to limit belt 
Testers wrote that during the 40 mph crash movement of 
the instrument panel was minimal and dummy movement was 
well controled. They wrote also that there is low posibility 
of neck injury.


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