History of Mercedes M-class begins from 1996. That year, in january, in Detroit Motor Show Mercedes exhibited AAV -All Activity vehicle.

AAV appealed the visitors, especialy because of stylization. Mercedes had in their range good alroad car- G-klasse, but it was designed for persons, who use 4x4 vechicle in their profession. AAV was the project of really multipurpose car, which is very good in terrain, but can be used as a limousine. This kind of vechicles- called SUV was very popular in USA. That's why administration of Mercedes decided to spend 300 milion dolars to build factory in Tuscaloosa in Alabama. New car- M-class started its "career" by "starring" in second part of Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic park" -"The Lost World" Movie In autumn 1997 on the roads and tracts of America appeared Mercedes M-class. For a good start it won "Off road of the year award". In december 1997 engineers of tuning firm -Brabus were engaged upon tuning of ML 320- first version of M-class. Brabus ML 3.8 was first M-klasse tuning version. It was exhibited on Essen Motor Show 1998. In the begining of 1998 M-class (ML 320 and ML 320) appeared in Europe. It won German "The best off-road car of the world" award. In the begining of 1999 in Geneva Mercedes exhibited ML 430. Last two versions were ML 270 CDI- one of the chariest off-road vehicles, and self-tuned by Mercedes ML 55 AMG. Now, M-class is one of the most popular all terrain cars. It won many awards and it's tuned by many firms. If you want to know more visit one of other parts of my website.

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