Technical innovations

   Chasis of M-class is settlement between off-road 
and comfortable familiar limousine, so the car has 
permanent all wheel drive (look at 4th image) 
and independent front and rear suspension- rare 
in off-road vechicles.
(1st and 2nd image)
Front suspension (1st image)
Triangular transversal rocker-arms and transversal 
rod are connected with auxiliary frame. Guiding 
column (spring with shock-absorber within) is   
fasten between upper rocker-arms.
Rear suspension (2nd image) 
The cover of the rear bridge is guided by 
longitudinal rocker-arms connected with the
auxiliary frame which is also connected with 
lower transversal rocker-arms. Shock-absorbers are 
fasten oblique.

Mercedes is a firm which invented many electronic systems 
like ESP, 4-ETS, ASR, BAS or else.
Many of them are used in M-class.

4-ETS(4-Electronic Traction System)-invented 
just for M-class, is a system, which substitutes blockade 
of differential. This system use ABS sensors to check 
the tenacity of wheels. If any wheel loose the tenacity 
the system brakes it to correct the traction.

ABS(Anti-block Brake system)- this well known system
invented by Mercedes over 20 years ago prevents blocking 
of wheels when car brakes. Thank to ABS driver can pass round 
the obstacle while braking. When the sensor shows locking 
of wheels ABS regulates pressure in brake system. 
Modulator is a part of ABS, which changes or keeps pressure 
in brake. M-class has a 4-channel ABS. It means that every 
brake has its own modulator. There are also 2-channel
(front and rear modulator), and 3-channel (two front modulators 
and one rear).   

ESP(Electronic Stability Program)- system which keeps 
car stable. It corrects the track by braking one of wheels 
or detachment of fuel inflow. It use ABS wheel speed sensors.
It avails also steering angle,brake pressure and lateral 
acceleration sensors. It works in all situations: from 
accelerating to braking.

ASR- system, which prevents blocking of wheels 
while accelerating.

BAS-Brems Assistant system which increases pressure 
in brake system. It acts when the driver pushes brake too
weak. In servo there is additional electromagnetic valve 
which is started by electromagnetic driver when the sensor 
gives a signal. 

Common-Rail- injection system used in diesel engines
among others ML 270 CDi.
Principal eliment of Common Rail system is high-pressure 
fuel tank- fuel accumulator. Fuel is delivered to common rail 
by eccentric pump.
Common rail is connected with atomizing cone, and atomizing 
cone is connected with electronicaly controled electromagnetic 
valves which deliver the fuel to cylinders.
Common rail is used only in direct injection diesel engines.


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